1. 353 West Douglas Avenue Jacksonville, IL 62650 PIN# 09-20-234-003

2. 1002 Hardin Street Jacksonville, IL 62650 PIN# 09-28-111-008

3. 710 East Douglas Avenue Jacksonville, IL 62650 PIN# 09-21-142-003 

Application information can be found here.

Please note when TRLBA conveys property it uses a deed restriction. An example of TRLBA’s Model Deed Restriction is attached. This means that title, when conveyed by TRLBA, will be subject to the condition that, within 12 months from the execution date on the Deed, the Purchaser will bring the property into compliance with all federal, State, and local building and property codes applicable to the property and obtain all necessary approvals and certifications to permit occupancy of primary structures on the property, including a certificate of occupancy or any equivalent certification. In the event that the Purchaser fails to fulfill this condition TRLBA will have a right to renter, retake, and repossess the property. 

TRLBA Deed Restriction.docx